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Flower Subscription

At Paula Cabrelli flowers we offer a range of services loosely termed flowers for the home, or home styling.

We have customers that buy an annual subscription either for themselves or for a gift and have a bouquet delivered on a regular basis. Also we have customers that make regular orders for certain rooms of their homes. This may involve us making a quick initial visit to assess the roms and discuss what flowers would look best where. We also have provided customers with flowers that they can dress their home with, if, perhaps they wish to stage it for perhaps an open house selling or for magazine shoot.

Flower subscription is a relatively new idea we have started and has proved extremely popular. Speak to us about your ideas and we can help further. Maybe you’re thinking of ¬†flowers to be delivered on a weekly basis for a short period of time or perhaps have thoughts of a christmas present for someone to receive a bouquet once a month.

You may have thoughts for flowers for the home but unsure how to take it further or wish to discuss your own staging or gift ideas. Please either telephone or email us!

For further information please contact Paula on

01494 372400

If our main line is busy, please call 07748 117553 or email flowers@paulacabrelli.com