Every Bride is unique & individual and there is certainly no such thing as a standard bridalbouquet.

With daffodils in abundance at this time of the year, there could be the idea that Spring brides might favour yellow and white for their bridal bouquet. Admitedly, there is nothing more adorable than a spring bridal party; radiant bride with a magnificent open daffodil bouquet, her team of little bridesmaids each with a miniature clutch of the same.


A Bride who came to see me last year made it perfectly clear although she’d be getting married in March, & daffodils are a permanent fixture on her kitchen table at this time of year, her bouquet should reflect her love for red velvet and rich dark purples. Think lush luxurious red velvet cushions and regal purple robes not crushed velvet circa 1970s pop star.

The only nod to springtime would definitely be tulips, but in jewel tones of red and purple, added to the bouquet just as the petals start to open revealing their caterpillar like stamens. We of course opted for lush red roses (red Naomi) dark purple lisianthus together with the contrast of the frilly edges of their green and lilac buds. Lovely alstoemeria in amethyst/pink, no foliage other than the end spears of tulip foliage to contrast the velvet lush tones.¬†Button holes were simply red roses and tables were tall vases with ‘purple prince’ tulips, stems like swans necks, bending down and weaving around.

All very red velvet, very luxurious, very fun & a lovely happy bride!