A regular in my bucket for any occasion is Rosa white Avalanche. I’m not alone in singling out this beauty, it’s possibly a top choice for many florists.

Used in bridal bouquets, arrangements for various events from birthdays to christenings to funerals along with cut flowers for vases. White Avalanche is a stalwart in the bucket & never fails with its luxurious shape and size.

imageThere are certainly other white roses to choose from. Akito, Naomi, & not forgetting the beautiful Norma Jean to name just three other popular choices. But this March, I had at least one bucket on rotation with a fresh supply.


Luxurious & reliable ‘rosa white Avalanche’

As for March, what a month! A few farewells to teachers called for fun ‘flowers in a bag’ to be presented. Shrieks of surprise delight wee the response which is exactly why I love the gift of flowers.


pink to lilac to red to purple. Say farewell with fun & style!

Mother’s Day which I alluded to, saw the usual busy ten days or so of bouquets and gift wrapped plants collected from the studio or delivered to happy smiley faces. We made up bouquets of pinks, bouquets of Spring of flowers, some opted for our choice, we had requests for reds & Blues, and anything bright and cheery.


Bright & Zesty! Rosa red Naomi & rosa Marie Claire for a lovely mum.

In conjunction with mothers day, we were invited to participate in a charitable/school event. Rather than just sell flowers, we decided we would set up a table where, youngsters could with guidance put together a few stems tie with a bow and all for the price of pocket money change. Huge fun, and of course preparation being key ensured buckets of Sturdy stems were pre-cut and grouped for choices so no accidents involving snippy scissors or spilt water occurred!


‘its for you mummy’

Concluding with the loveliness of white Avalanche roses, I used a combination of avalanche along with white freesias for bridal flowers early in March and coincidentally again for funeral flowers later in the month. A simple tied sheaf of white freesia, avalanche roses along with aster secured with a satin bow created a classic statement of love and peacefulness, perfect for the sorrowful yet calm celebration of life.


In sympathy with love. Ivory Classics tied simply with ivory satin.