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Wedding Flowers with a Tropically English feel

When a bride comes to talk about wedding flowers, it often becomes quickly apparent there might be a theme for their wedding, a mood; a colour palette. A wedding is certainly not a fancy dress party; far from it. Usually there might be favourite colour or flower which might dictate the wedding & bridal flowers. [...]

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Summer Flowers all day long

Summer flowers for me start with the arrival of Peonies. And its been peony perfection this English growing season, with summer flowers virtually on tap. Now in July, with summer in full swing; technically the British peony season is finished so its over to the fantastic Dutch suppliers to continue the abundance of summer flowers through [...]

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Spring flowers, from seed to scent

Spring flowers, Muscari & bluebells to start with, divine scent & colours that hit the spot as the perfect antidote to pale grey skies. Even for a season & weather lover; Spring is very welcome. Lighter, longer days the feeling of not being governed by the clock & the promise of better things. Below soil things are [...]

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Select Stems and fine detail

As a florist, sometimes a few select stems in a vase say as much as a floral arrangement the size of a small child. For an event, party or wedding, it's often about a theme across a space with in a certain or subtle way, whether the space is for hundreds of guests, or an intimate [...]

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Flowers for March in a weekend

For florists, requests for flowers for March are a welcome expectation. As a studio florist with no traditional high street shop front, Mothering Sunday is one date in the calendar we feel privileged to take part in. Of course there are other occasions people come to talk to me about Flowers for March. Spring Weddings are [...]

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Vases & Fish Bowls

As a florist, vases are a vital element on my shelves probably next to scissors. The most versatile vases for weddings, events & general vase hire I find are my fish bowl vases. In various sizes, they are; as the saying goes, simples! Easy to fill, easy to transport yet subtle enough to suit most settings [...]

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Hellebores not bores

I've been boring my friends and family with my love of Hellebores lately. My latest obsession is a fantastic winter flowering plant that is truly magical. How nature can be so clever birthing such beauty out of the ground when much above the ground is bleak and frozen is a total mystery to my human [...]

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Fashion and Foliage

Fashion is a funny thing. Recently I used some foliage that was quite popular a few years ago, then as fashions go, it simply fell out of favour. Personally I love foliage. At home, a tall vase brimming with the green red hues of photinia red robin  makes perfect centre stage on the kitchen table. [...]

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Last Minute Wedding Flowers

It goes without saying weddings Flowers are a part of any florists calendar. Some wedding planned a year or more ahead & some a few months ahead. A couple of recent weddings; although something between days to plan & months to plan, were lovely 'last minute' events in terms of wedding flowers. With spring a breath [...]

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Squeaky Spring Tulips

Spring & Tulips go hand in hand. Whether its the broad leaved tips poking through soil in a patio pot, or the five stems in buckets for sale, they are a reliable welcome to the end of Winter. From a florist perspective, tulips are readily available from November/December. So available for Christmas, although the price per [...]

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