Florists can be a strange bunch; if you pardon the pun. Although much of our work mark the big events in life – weddings, funerals and so on, we all have a favourite detail on a to do list that is part of someones big day.

For a wedding, it starts with buckets of different flowers. What starts out as wraps of stems from various trade sellers; I separate into different groups, placing them into various vases & buckets ready to be created into bouquets, vase arrangements, hair flowers, garlands etc.

For me, the delicate wiring of button holes are the final details to tick off my list. Not because they are less important, they are actually my favourite detail of bridal flowers. Perched on my wooden stool at my bench I find it soothing focused on wiring & grouping elements for a button hole. Its also a very special & privileged part of the job creating a floral item to be worn, especially a button hole – worn on the left hand side, coincidentally same side of the body as the heart, pure romance!

For the groom, and other members of   the bridal party buttonholes can vary in look but are often neutral in colour, ivory being a popular choice and with some foliage. Of course, I am generalising, while the majority may be ivory avalanche roses, many will have other elements, berries, lily of the valley, dahlia, all different colours that may tie in with the theme, colour & feel of the wedding.

Grouping the ingredients.

Grouping the ingredients.

My first wedding for 2018 that was planned during the peony & cornflower high of last summer was to be a very intimate affair with a small but concise requirement of flowers and colour palette. We were keen to bridge the gap of winter yet celebrate the love of red roses very much before the classic red of Valentines day.

Natures beauty secret. The veining detail in ivy leafs.

Natures beauty secret. The veining detail in ivy leafs.

Perfect ivy leaves for the foliage element of the buttonholes. A plant so often overlooked as a nuisance, I love the detail & variation of veining in the leaves & colour of the leaves – rich red through to ‘British racing green’ green, & the berries are something else!

The perfect combination. Rich colours, gorgeous shapes & loads of detail.

The perfect combination. Rich colours, gorgeous shapes & loads of detail.

Although the floral requirements were minimal, the floral elements were strong in detail. Cerise pink, lilac, bold red & strong green with bags of detail in shape & colour. Lilac freesia some buds open some still tight shut with the gorgeous tendrils leading the eye. Strong deep red rose in contrast to the lilac yet complimenting the delicate cerise phalaenopsis bloom.


Beautiful tendrils of freesia.

A few of these stunning buttonholes were made up along with a select petite bridal bouquet of red & lilac.

Fragrant freesia buds gently nestled amongst tight buds of romantic red roses, both opening up beautifully in the warmth of a heated room.


A small but perfectly firmed clutch of lilac freesia & dainty tight budded red roses.

Strong colours on a brilliant blue skied winters day for this couple who were flying off on honeymoon a few hours after their perfectly detailed day.