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Select Stems and fine detail

As a florist, sometimes a few select stems in a vase say as much as a floral arrangement the size of a small child. For an event, party or wedding, it's often about a theme across a space with in a certain or subtle way, whether the space is for hundreds of guests, or an intimate [...]

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Hellebores not bores

I've been boring my friends and family with my love of Hellebores lately. My latest obsession is a fantastic winter flowering plant that is truly magical. How nature can be so clever birthing such beauty out of the ground when much above the ground is bleak and frozen is a total mystery to my human [...]

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Squeaky Spring Tulips

Spring & Tulips go hand in hand. Whether its the broad leaved tips poking through soil in a patio pot, or the five stems in buckets for sale, they are a reliable welcome to the end of Winter. From a florist perspective, tulips are readily available from November/December. So available for Christmas, although the price per [...]

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Flowers Make People Smile

Sunflowers. I love them. They are flowers that make people smile. A single woody stem cut down in a jar, or half a dozen carefully displayed carefully in a tall vase just speak for themselves. Even a small sunflower plant as a gift says sunshine in a pot. A local farmer planted an entire field with [...]

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