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Flowers for March in a weekend

For florists, requests for flowers for March are a welcome expectation. As a studio florist with no traditional high street shop front, Mothering Sunday is one date in the calendar we feel privileged to take part in. Of course there are other occasions people come to talk to me about Flowers for March. Spring Weddings are [...]

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An Avalanche in March

A regular in my bucket for any occasion is Rosa white Avalanche. I'm not alone in singling out this beauty, it's possibly a top choice for many florists. Used in bridal bouquets, arrangements for various events from birthdays to christenings to funerals along with cut flowers for vases. White Avalanche is a stalwart in the [...]

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Mothers Day Sunshine

Mothering Sunday, or Mothers Day as it has become known seems to be the next floral event after Valentine's Day on any florists calendar in the UK. Mother's Day for florists really can span over a week, with people wanting floral gifts to take away for the weekend, or presented a few days before, and [...]

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