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Wedding Flowers with a Tropically English feel

When a bride comes to talk about wedding flowers, it often becomes quickly apparent there might be a theme for their wedding, a mood; a colour palette. A wedding is certainly not a fancy dress party; far from it. Usually there might be favourite colour or flower which might dictate the wedding & bridal flowers. [...]

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Last Minute Wedding Flowers

It goes without saying weddings Flowers are a part of any florists calendar. Some wedding planned a year or more ahead & some a few months ahead. A couple of recent weddings; although something between days to plan & months to plan, were lovely 'last minute' events in terms of wedding flowers. With spring a breath [...]

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Classical & Romantic

There is something Classical & Romantic about Peonies, Hydrangeas & Roses for a summer wedding. With peonies readily available from May & roses all year round, pop in abundant hydrangeas & the result is just dreamy. One of my summer brides picked exactly these flowers along with other ivory tones for her wedding flowers. Along [...]

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Fragrantly Frilly

Sweet Peas are synonymous with Summer. Delicate fragrant frilly petals on sturdy skinny stems. Difficult to believe such a strong, sweet scent comes from something looking fragile. The Sweet Pea colour range is superb, pastels yes; but deep purples through to bright pillar box red. Stems that have petals that look as if they've been [...]

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Superstitions. One for sorrow, Two for joy.

Superstitions. As the saying goes One for sorrow, Two for joy. Superstitions extend to flowers to some degree. When hospitals allowed fresh flowers for patients, nurses often separated red flowers from white in different vases. The superstitions surrounding red flowers signifying blood & white flowers bandages. Two Magpies. One for Sorrow Two for Joy When [...]

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A Red Velvet Spring Bride

Every Bride is unique & individual and there is certainly no such thing as a standard bridalbouquet. With daffodils in abundance at this time of the year, there could be the idea that Spring brides might favour yellow and white for their bridal bouquet. Admitedly, there is nothing more adorable than a spring bridal party; [...]

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