Sunflowers. I love them. They are flowers that make people smile. A single woody stem cut down in a jar, or half a dozen carefully displayed carefully in a tall vase just speak for themselves. Even a small sunflower plant as a gift says sunshine in a pot.

A local farmer planted an entire field with sunflowers this summer. Quite a surprise for me in suburban Britain! Driving past the towering, swaying friendly faces facing the sun was such a tonic, they made me smile.


With world mental health day this week. Its worth talking about one of the hashtags I often use ‘flowers make people smile’ on instagram. Of course mental health is a huge subject, certainly not one I would arrogantly suggest is solved by simply giving someone a bunch of flowers. And the cliche is true – it is ok not to be ok.

I often speak about how flowers evoke memories. & when I meet with families to discuss funeral flowers, its a privilege to be part of the discussions hear stories about why a flower is memorable to someone.

An arrangement is so much more than just a few flowers that look nice & fit within a budget.


I personally find flowers cheering. A talking point, & with mental health in mind; I am reminded that talking is good. Even treating yourself to a supermarket bunch of flowers such as tulips or daffodils won’t break the bank & might hit the spot, a brief moment of spirits lifted perhaps and who isn’t a fan of that.


Tulips, hyacinths & daffodils. Easy & bright flowers.