Sweet Peas are synonymous with Summer. Delicate fragrant frilly petals on sturdy skinny stems. Difficult to believe such a strong, sweet scent comes from something looking fragile.

The Sweet Pea colour range is superb, pastels yes; but deep purples through to bright pillar box red. Stems that have petals that look as if they’ve been dipped in ink or outlined & stippled with a tiny brush.

A favourite for early summer bridesmonths, I had the pleasure of using only sweet peas for one lovely bride & family. A fledgling flower farmer, I wasn’t ready to produce the quality & quantity myself.


I decided to find a reputable flower farm. A specialist in the English Growing season meant I would be purchasing the best quality for my Bride & I would be able to select the exact shade & be assured of the beautiful scent that is associated with sweet peas.


A shower bouquet was to be the bridal bouquet, a teardrop shape of gentle frilliness & memorable scent. Posies of matching colours of sweet peas bound in satin ribbon were for bridesmaids, along with sweet pea button holes, wrist corsage & sweet peas on hair combs. What a divine aroma must have filled the wedding cars which carried into ceremony room!

The occasion inspired me to more attempts at growing my own, not in trying to compete with the true professional growers & flower farms, more for the sheer pleasure of picking a few stems I have grown from seed to have in a crystal vase or jug on my kitchen table throughout next summer.


Nigella & Cornflower from my tiny cutting patch



Inspired by pretty Cosmos for next summer at home.

In complete comparison to the pretty frilly sweet pea wedding, came a request for thank you flowers. Big & bold this time, a mixture of cottage garden – huge spikes of indigo Delphiniums, with sunflowers, big headed fuchsia roses, orange ‘red hot poker’ along with the classic cerise phalaenopsis orchid stems, lilies & eucalyptus . A real mix in flower types but a resounding success in a memorable thank you.

I discovered that a fragrantly fragile abundance of sweet peas can be as memorable as mixing things up with a riot of colour in a punch ball glass vase.