I’ve been boring my friends and family with my love of Hellebores lately.

My latest obsession is a fantastic winter flowering plant that is truly magical. How nature can be so clever birthing such beauty out of the ground when much above the ground is bleak and frozen is a total mystery to my human self.


As a cut flower, the palette of Hellebores is varied. From ice white to literally black with ‘queen of the night’ a deep dark inky brown black shade.

A refreshing winter flower that lends itself to a casual abundant garden gathered bunch with daffodils & hyacinths, yet can turn the sophistication on when standing between roses and orchids in a bridal flowers.


one of many silver vases of sophistication at a styling event

A few snips of Hellebores from my own garden ended up on my kitchen window sill along with a few weekly leftovers. Nothing out of place & all looked perfectly ‘arranged’


left overs from a styling shoot with a few garden snips of my own – hellebore.

Along with hellebores, Hedge prunings have given me much joy to play with. A fabulous red cornus (dogwood) shrub I have in my back garden is just perfect for small projects like weaving wreaths.

leftover hellebores & cornus to play with

leftover hellebores & cornus to play with

By no means an expert & certainly not a professional weaver, twisting a wreath ring, a flower shape, heart, mostly ends in success, an alternative to moss wreaths are equally pretty on a door inside & outside.

With Scandi influenced designs in wreaths popular a freshly fashioned base is quite easily achieved, & is long lasting.


chubby side plate sized wreath ring with a small snatch of hellebore & sage leaves twined secure.

Not only dogwood, many a soft discarded branch, or stem is happy to twist and bend into a curvy mixture of joy.