Most people, even if they don’t like house plants are aware of them. A dusty Christmas cactus at an aunts house; resilient to its overcoat of dust as it bursts into flower every year.

The predictable forgotten spider plant at the doctors waiting room; throwing out a baby on a shoot every so often. The jade plant; or commonly known money plant another regular favourite spotted in a corner of a take away shop.


A popular gift; house plants seem to be the centre of attention, have 15 minutes of fame before being relegated to a book shelf or downstairs toilet.

I love house plants. Even the thrill of seeing them growing in their natural environs on holiday never fails to excite.

Being asked to provide flowers for the home, style a home or suggest a gift, as a florist I don’t always reach for cut flowers.

Recently a small space called for something so we opted for a miniature phalaenopsis orchid. I liken orchids to spider plants, quite simply because the key to success is almost neglect. Often the perception with orchids is that they are tricky to keep, actually the opposite is true, they require some watering and a level of care, but generally sit one on a bathroom or kitchen window and the occasional steam from a tap or shower will be enough to keep it going. Even once the flowers drop they often will grow new stems and start again in months to come. Whilst I don’t profess to be an expert & am certainly no horticulrist, I just know what works for me & pass on tips and tricks that have worked in various situations.


With the arrival of spring and the focus with buds and new beginnings outside, the same can be said for houseplants. Happy to hold their own with the varying degrees of warmth inside, I love the way a new shoot, an uncurl of a leaf, the new spike of a cactus all seem to happen overnight. Study’s have shown that plants can also help neutralise the air with the increasing amount of electrical devices we fill our homes. That aside, I liken then to a friend, maybe an old friend, or new one if adding another to the group – like a growing row of cactus on a hall table. Fashions come & fashions go, but houseplants to me will always have their appeal & there’s always room for a new friend at my house!