Mothering Sunday, or Mothers Day as it has become known seems to be the next floral event after Valentine’s Day on any florists calendar in the UK.

Mother’s Day for florists really can span over a week, with people wanting floral gifts to take away for the weekend, or presented a few days before, and of course given on Mothering Sunday.


One of my regular customers asked me to put together ‘something sunny’ two weeks before Mothers Day. His mum would be taking a holiday somewhere hot and sunny early this spring & he still wanted to give her some lovely traditional flowers.

A dinner plate sized deep bowl was filled with an arrangement of ‘sunshine coloured’ roses. Fairly tightly budded purposely so within the warmth a heated room, together with the occasional afternoon sun, the roses would gently open giving maximum enjoyment. The arrangement sat nicely on a central coffee table and the ivory, through yellow & orange colours beautufully complimented daffodils out in full in the back garden. One very happy mum enjoying her ‘bowl of sunshine roses’ before going on her sunshine Spring holiday!

Bowl of sunny roses for mothers day

Bowl of sunny roses for mothers day