Prices & Wedding flowers. Whilst its easy to dive straight into ideas, it is vitally important to have an idea of price when planning a Wedding or Event.

Button Holes, the price reflects the individual pieces well as being part of the bridal flowers

Button Holes, the price reflects the individual pieces well as being part of the bridal flowers

Some factors that dictate the variation flowers cost:

Flowers purchased from European & wholesalers further afield reflect these factors into their costs to Florists which; in turn reflect the price of flowers to a customer.

Different public holidays, religious occasions & calendar dates across Europe over the calendar year. A Wedding with a theme of Red Roses will have a different price estimate in February than in August just as Mothers day in UK is a different date than France, for example.

A fuel crisis or sudden rise in fuel costs – this affects transportation costs of fresh goods.

Weather. A spike in an odd weather pattern will affect growing in a certain farm so a choice of flower might still be available but further afield.

As a qualified experienced florist, I find an extensive price list doesn’t work for every eventuality. However, an estimate of basic Bridal costs does work; as well as the ability to work within a budget to suggest how to maximise ideas in different areas.

All our costs, unless  specified; include consultation, setting up & collection of props.

A starting point for Bridal prices as Follows:

Bridal Bouquets start at  £75,  email me or complete the contact me sheet to discuss this further.

Bridesmaids bouquets prices. Either for a group of little ones each with a clutch of daisies, or per piece for ‘maids. A starting point from £30 for a group of smalls & from £45 per piece for adult ‘maids. Again, best to chat individual ideas in person, email me.

Button holes start £15

Floral Arrangements & table vases a starting point of £30 contact me to discuss further

Pedestal Arrangements from £60

Top table Arrangements from £60

Many other prices available upon request, drop me an email & I am happy to give more prices & floral ideas.

Complete floral Packages available contact me for further details