Spring & Tulips go hand in hand. Whether its the broad leaved tips poking through soil in a patio pot, or the five stems in buckets for sale, they are a reliable welcome to the end of Winter.

From a florist perspective, tulips are readily available from November/December. So available for Christmas, although the price per stem is a little higher than in Spring! Tulips really are, in my view a good value cut flower. I don’t mean cheap & cheerful, just worth every penny as per a few stems in a vase for that should last for nearly two weeks.

squeaky stems of lipstick coloured Tulips

squeaky stems of lipstick coloured Tulips

At home, I love to fill a vase en masse with tulips. This is for a couple of reasons, firstly its relatively easy to fill a large necked vase and achieve a great impact. And secondly, tulips actually keep growing even though they have been cut form their bulb.

In a bouquet with other cut flowers, by the following morning they can often be head and shoulders above the other stems even still budded. Not a problem, but depending on the other flowers in the vase; it can look a little odd, like wearing trousers too short in the ankles.

Tulips & twisted Hazel, a lovely mix of stems in a vase

Tulips & twisted Hazel, a lovely mix of stems in a vase

The attraction for me is also the strength and squeak of the stems as they are arranged & tweaked into shape. I curve them around a wreath ring for spring door wreaths, they are extremely compliant to bend backwards and around – fantastic little gymnasts!

As they grow they weave and sway like a fringe of hair needing a trim with their buds opening to the reveal an antenna stamen. At home, its only when the petals finally drop like confetti I decide the vase can be tipped into the compost,  this can be almost two weeks after they squeaked into the vase.

For one of my ‘flowers for the home’ homestyling customers, we opted for a an armful of ‘lipstick colours’ of tulips for a entrance table. Allowing for the twist & growth I arranged them in & around stems of corylus contorta, to compliment the movement of the stems & colours of the tulips. What a wonderful welcome during the unpredictable days of late winter to have cheery lipstick greeting you at the door that gets better & better each day!



My pot of lasagne!

I shall be using cut tulips for a few more months and at the same time enjoying my pots of ‘lasagne’ bulbs on my patio grow and bloom, so tulips to Lilies in one spot. Not only my day in flowers but a few seasons in flowers.