Along with the last wilting petals of Amaryllis, a new diary beckons with fresh flat white pages ahead. Not really a New Years resolution sort of person; I decided to go through a ‘taking stock’ exercise a food photographer friend suggested. A sort of to do list with a difference, perhaps.

Making : Spring bridal bouquets. Love the start of a new season & with Spring its the squeak of tulip stems and the scent of hyacinths.
Cooking : Meals. Meals for endlessly hungry family members that fit in with everyones timetable – is this ever successfully possible?
Drinking : Tea, Coffee & wine – life is too short not to.
Reading: Margaret Forster ‘my life in houses’ – how did I miss this. Such a brilliant author I’ve read most of what she’s written.
Next read: Margaret Forster diary of a school girl – when it comes out  paperback, was sad to hear of her death last year. Read ‘Diary of an Ordinary Woman’ when I was pregnant with my first born (now a teen) & found it poignant.
Wanting: To get outside digging & planting – everything is dormant or wet. Can’t wait for a good day to get digging & planting. Outdoors is my gym, Good things come to those who sweat.
Looking: At the calendar. & planning days out & trips to shoe horn in. With the years flying past feel very much ‘life is too short’ not to squeeze every drop out.
Playing: Podcasts. They are my new favourite thing to listen to when walking the dog, playing with flowers, in the car, waiting for teens whilst in the car. I actually quite look forward to waiting for them now, although snorting with laughter or pretending I’ve got grit in my eye (grizzling) isn’t a great look for a non-21 year old dressed in winter hat & coat!
Deciding: What to make for tea – why is everyone hungry all the time!
Wishing: Nigel Slater would come & cook tea. He’s so calm & clever plus I loved his book ‘Toast’ as well as his desert Island Discs.
Enjoying: Fried asparagus. Almost slightly addicted, equally delighted the young things seem to like it as well.
Waiting: For longer days. Love weather, love seasons but love it more when darkness happens after 7pm Hurray for February when tea by daylight kicks in.


A grey dusk sky. Quite comforting really.

Liking: My living room at home now its finished – why did it take so long to put up a few shelves & splash a bit of white paint on the walls & ceiling.
Wondering: About holidays. Should’ve booked something by now I suppose if I’m to get a ‘deal’
Loving: Spotting new shoots coming through – never not exciting.
Pondering: Hols. narrowing down the choices – depends on dates, cost & time.
Considering: Netflix. everyone’s watching stuff on it – where do they get the time, should I join in?
Buying: Books! can never have enough, Christmas vouchers are the best. Plus a Swiss cheese plant, intend to have one before the end of the year!
Watching: Greys Anatomy – sooo late to the party, am on season 3 when I believe the actual season on air is 14? I blame Amazon Prime for my sudden addiction.
Next watch: Having just watched the latest series of ‘Spiral’ want to catch up on this as well. My life with tv watching seems to be one of forever catching up.
Hoping: With a few outdoor events already planned, hoping for more. So much fun & pleasure decorating a venue with flowers.
Needing: A mimosa plant & Olive tree for my patio. Yes, NEED.
Questioning: How clever chickens are – they put themselves to bed at dusk & come out at dawn!
Smelling: Hyacinths. Love the scent, lots of it in my studio at the moment.
Wearing: Cashmere jumpers & cardigans. The only thing that keeps me warm. The ONLY thing. I virtually live in them year round.
Disliking: Wasting money on rubbish. Could be £1 or £60+ good value doesn’t have a price.
Opening: My front door. Just love coming home. Always.
Snacking: Crisps. Never not satisfying. I’m a reluctant sharer with a pack of cheese & onion.
Sorting: Vases. January is clean & sort glassware & taking stock! Lining up the podcasts to get me through!


The scent of a hyacinth can genuinely fill a room.